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Our advice and solutions help our clients to fast-track their record-keeping process.

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Our cloud-based accounting systems take the stress out of compliance and record-keeping.

As qualified accountants, we understand that compliance and record-keeping can be time-consuming and often a source of stress for business owners. However, it is important to ensure that all necessary financial records are kept accurately and up-to-date to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Through the use of modern accounting software and technology, we can automate many of the tasks involved, taking the pain out of the process for our clients.

  • Latest Software — Our software integrates with online banking and other major financial systems, allowing transactions to be automatically recorded and lowering the need for manual input.

  • Cloud-based Platforms — Our cloud-based accounting systems enable easy access to financial records from anywhere, making it easier for business owners to keep track of their finances and comply with regulations.

  • Guidance and Support — We help our clients to understand what records need to be kept, and advise how this can be organised effectively. We are also able to provide templates for invoices, receipts and other financial documents.

  • Streamlining Processes — Using modern technology to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for our clients.

Compliance and Record-keeping Services

How Cactus Accounting Can Help

We love to see our customers succeed in careers they love, without the worry of keeping on top of the financial aspects of their business.

We can help take the pain out of compliance and record keeping


Efficient and accurate bookkeeping to maintain financial records, including income, expenses, and receipts, tailored to the specific needs of content creators, performers and other clients

Compliance Assistance

Ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulations, such as intellectual property rights, licensing agreements, and contractual obligations.

Record Keeping Solutions

Implementing efficient record-keeping systems and recommending appropriate accounting software and tools to streamline the process.

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