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Take the pain out of compliance and record keeping

Let us make the process of compliance and record-keeping smooth and stress-free, through modern accounting software and technology which can automate many of the tasks involved.

  • Cactus Accounting

    Simplified processes

  • Cactus Accounting

    No need for reminders

  • Cactus Accounting

    Run your business hassle-free

We can help take the pain out of compliance and record keeping

Pay less in taxes and plan for your future

We help our clients save on taxes and plan for the future through a variety of strategies and techniques.

  • Cactus Accounting
    Identify tax-saving methods
  • Cactus Accounting
    Plan for retirement
  • Cactus Accounting
    Advice on investments
We can help save on taxes on plan for the future

Make sure everything is on time and planned for

We help our clients keep track of their upcoming financial obligations by maintaining an organised schedule of deadlines.

  • Cactus Accounting

    Help with deadlines

  • Cactus Accounting

    Reminders of any obligations

  • Cactus Accounting

    Regular reviews and updates

We can help make sure everything is on time and planned for
Virtual Assistance

Virtual finance advice with regular updates and meetings

We use virtual communication tools such as video conferencing, email and instant messaging to provide financial advice and support to clients remotely.

  • Cactus Accounting
    Discuss on-the-go
  • Cactus Accounting
    Videos, Emails, IMs
  • Cactus Accounting
    Save on travel expenses
We can offer financial advice virtually

Cactus Accounting, in a nutshell:

Helping with

We help our clients stay organised with everything financial, so they can get on with running their business.


Our team can provide financial assistance from afar via video calls, emails or instant messaging services.

Tailored to

Content Creators
Though we work with a range of clients, one of our key demographics is content creators and performers.


Nothing gives us more satisfaction than a happy customer. Check out our reviews and see for yourself!

40 +

Our range of clients includes content creators, performers, stuntmen and more.


Check our blog posts for all the latest updates from the financial world, as well as company updates.

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